by indigo prophet

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This song contains an Infinity Healing to help you:

-Take Back All Your Power Youve Given Away
-Aligning With Your Divine Power for Good
-Healing Abuse of Power (Received or Given)

and so much more


The entire universe is the divine orchestration of one force.
It has no limits, no boundaries,
Just one purpose, to evolve" -Niko

I got power, so much of it
So beautiful, so infinite
I got power, so much of it
So beautiful, cuz it comes from within

Verse 1: (Niko)

I got power every minute every hour
I got power every second every day
I got power cuz I’m living my life
I got power living it my way
I got power cuz I’m playing my part
I got power spittin’ it from the heart
I got power cuz I’m walking my path
I got power its written in the math

I'm ready to fly, I’m ready to soar
It’s time to rise, time to explore
Are you ready to fly, are you ready to soar
We got to rise and be something more


Verse 2 (Indigo Prophet)

I got power.....

when i shine my light bright

cause love is on my side

stand up for the fight

when i spread my wings to fly

from my gifts and abilities

to choose my own destiny

to manifest my dreams

to be the change i wish to see

to forgive and let go

its in my infinite soul

to surrender control

when im going with the flow

to inspire my peers

to shed all my tears

to face all my fears

man ive been doing this for years


Verse 3 (Indigo Prophet)

In every word every sentence

When i set my intentions

cause im chosen and selected

from the highest dimensions

i listen to intuition

and i am here on a mission

no longer playing the victim

i am filled with so much wisdom

to start a revolution

to find the soul-lutions

to inspire a movement

to jump start our evolution

every word is my command

its in my dna strand

with the words that i speak

to create world peace


released June 29, 2016
produced by spartan productions



all rights reserved


indigoprophet Toronto, Ontario

Through his positive and empowering lyrics, Tarek is raising awareness! He is also dedicated to raising the vibrations of the planet through healing and hip-hop music. Every song he has written with the intent to educate, motivate, inspire and to heal humanity, especially our youth. His music plays like a soundtrack to our evolution. ... more

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