You are a Star

by Indigo Prophet

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Ellen McDonough
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Ellen McDonough I LOVE this track - I love the music, love the poetry, love the singer's voice, love the passion -- and I especially love the brilliant colors I perceive when I listen. Really takes me places... Truly magical!!!
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This song contains Infinity Healing to help you:

Connect to Your Highest Self
Shine Your Light to the Fullest
Connect to Source-God-Universe

and so much more


verse 1

i wish upon you cause your the brightest star
shining bright at night illuminate the skies
a goddess in disguise but we barely recognize
all we see are scars and we believed in All those lies
but how long do we climb falling every time
gotta get back up but cause now its time to rise
now its time to shine now we realize
open up your eyes u r the spark of the divine
has anyone ever told you that you are miracle
letting go of the old you become more mystical
a body in the spiritual you are magical
an old soul who has been here many time before
a portal to heavens door a truth that we ignored
its known but never told what are you holding back for
breakthrough all those glass doors i know we feel like actors
but be yourself and send fear running through the back doors

verse 2

I am resilient I am persistent
spirit iS insisting to keep me uplifted
I am so gifted I am so bliss filled
Let go of resistance dont get it twisted
I know who I am ive come from afar
away galaxy and ive come to play my part
in synch in harmony like the strum of a guitar
Life is a movie and your the star actor
you are the master right a new chapter
fill it laughter, no need plasters
led your wounds breathe and they will heal faster
trying make sense of all of this nonsense
my heart is my guide intuition my compass
take a look around see angels among us
we are infinite so nothing can stop us

verse 3

How you letting anybody make you believe
That you don’t got everything you need?
Inside of you, deep within
Flowing through your veins, like it’s always been
I know it’s not easy, but you gotta understand,
You are the man, you are the brand
All you been lacking is tactic and plan
Even though you can rock mad shit on demand
Causeit takes a little more than you think you know
Listen to me carefully, I am your soul and I know
What it’s gonna take for you to grow
Just trust in yourself and please let go
Of all the shit that you did,
It is what it is, you were just a kid
So don’t confuse it, it’s time to live
You were born to perform, blessed with so much to give!


released June 15, 2016
spartan productions



all rights reserved


indigoprophet Toronto, Ontario

Through his positive and empowering lyrics, Tarek is raising awareness! He is also dedicated to raising the vibrations of the planet through healing and hip-hop music. Every song he has written with the intent to educate, motivate, inspire and to heal humanity, especially our youth. His music plays like a soundtrack to our evolution. ... more

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